Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You Can Be Heroes

Actually i'm not so into TV that much, but I like Heroes the series very much, and i really like the girls.. They have such a cool style, especially Niki Sanders ( Ali Larter) and Claire Bennet(Hayden Panettiere), and the other girls.. they all cool too even the petrelli's mother, Angela(Cristine Rose).. she have she really has the style of a sophisticated wealthy mother.I think, i need to post the heroes girls hairstyles :)

Ali Larter

Alison Elizabeth "Ali" Larter (born February 28, 1976) is a Saturn Awards-nominated American actress and former fashion model best known for her screen roles aimed at teenage audiences. Larter is currently starring on the hit television series Heroes. She has also had roles in successful Hollywood films including, Varsity Blues (1999), House on Haunted Hill (1999), Final Destination (2000), Legally Blonde (2001), and most recently Resident Evil: Extinction
Play as Niki or Jessica Sanders, a Multiple personality which always has a powerfull connection by mirror both can communicate and discuss tings..Jessica has the powerful personality, while Niki, the main character has the gentle and soft character.

Nora Zehetner

Nora Angela Zehetner (born February 5, 1981) started an acting career in 18, something she had been interested in since she was 8, and moved to Los Angeles. She appeared in a number of films like Tart (2001), American Pie 2 (2001), R.S.V.P. (2002), May (2002), The Song of Rose (2003) and others as well as in several TV series and commercials. While she is best known for her role as Laynie Hart on the WB's show Everwood, her movies are often from the comedy or the horror genre like May or R.S.V.P. she always remain me of Audrey Tautou
She play as Eden McCain was born as Sarah Ellis and raised in a small town. she has the ability, as a influence people to do just she want to.

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Leslie Panettiere (born August 21, 1989) is an American actress, singer, and Grammy Award nominee. She is perhaps best known for her role on the NBC series Heroes as Claire Bennet. She also appeared as the voice actress for the role of Kairi in the Square Enix Kingdom Hearts series.
She play as A cheerleader, Claire has the power of cellular regeneration. She is the adopted daughter of Noah Bennet and the biological daughter of Nathan Petrelli.

Jessalyn Gilsig
Jessalyn Gilsig (born in 1971 in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian actress most famous for her roles in the television series Boston Public and Nip/Tuck. She has also appeared in several episodes of NYPD Blue and Prison Break as well as several other series.Play as Meredith Gordon is the biological mother of Claire Bennet, in which she exhibits pyrokinetic abilities. Meredith can control Fire and caused a fire that separate her from her daughter.

Cristine Rose

Cristine Sue Rose (born January 31, 1951 in Lynwood, California) is an American actress. She is a graduate of Stanford University. She has also been credited as Christine Rose. She play as Angela Petrelli She is the mother of Nathan and Peter and biological grandmother to Claire Bennet. The character is based upon the Angela Lansbury character Mrs. Iselin in the film The Manchurian Candidate. In both cases the leading female role has a hidden agenda and wishes to make her son President or a leader at any cost

Rena Sofer

Rena Sofer born 2 December 1968 has appeared in numerous television series, including General Hospital, Melrose Place, Just Shoot Me!, Ed, Coupling, and Blind Justice. She currently appears on both Heroes and 24. She is married and has two daughters. she play as Heidi Petrelli is Nathan Petrelli's ex-wife and was involved with his strategies for his bid for congressional office. She was confined to a wheelchair because of injuries suffered from a car accident where Nathan was the driver

Tawny Cypress

Tawny Cypress (born August 8, 1976 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, U.S.) is an American actress. Her mother is of Hungarian and German extraction and her father is an African-American ancestry. She has appeared in various television and stage plays. She is currently starring on Fox's new drama K-Ville as Ginger "Love Tap" LeBeau, a police officer that suffers the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. She play as Simone Deveaux on the TV series Heroes. Peter Petrelli's girlfriend who killed accidentally by Isaac Mendez her ex boyfriend.

Missy Peregrym

Missy Peregrym (born Melissa Peregrym on June 16, 1982 in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian actress and former fashion model.Play as Candice Wilmer is an agent of The Company, her power is can taunt multiple characters

Dania Ramirez

Dania Ramírez (born November 30, 1979) is a film and television actress from the Dominican Republic. she play as Maya and her twin brother Alejandro are fugitives wanted for murder. she killed people, by infected people around her if she got stress

Stana Katic

Stana Katic (born April 26, 1980) is a Canadian film and television actress active in the United States. She has appeared in The Shield, The Closer, CSI: Miami, The Unit, JAG, ER and 24. play as a fictional character Hanna Gittelman she has the ability to electronic reception or cyberpathy

Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Strategy Using Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

There's a research say that we all have dandruff on our scalp, but it become an issue if there is some unexpected white flake fall into our clothes . Dandruff is caused by natural process of our scalp, dead skin cells substituted by the new one..but for some people this cycle is faster than average.

For some reason dandruff can be caused of oily hair, stress, less shampoo, or hormonal effect. Whatever the reason, dandruff can be really managable, with this steps

1. Using the right shampoo.
I'm suggesting you to use an anti-dandruff haircare.. its specialized fo the dandruff problem

2. Dont use the same shampoo all the time
If you use the same product or label, your scalp may become immune from the active ingredient from that shampoo. Thats why we need to refresh our scalp, with other anti dandruff label once in 3month.. then you can be back to the old label

3. Find the suitable ingredient that you need
anti-dandruff shampoo have different active ingredient if your problem not getting over with one label, you can try another label with different active ingridient:
  • Pyrithione zinc in Head and Shoulders
  • Selenium Sulfide in elsun Blue
  • Salicylic Acid in Clairol Herbal Essences, or Neutrogena T/Sal
  • Ketoconazole in Nizora A-D
  • Tea Tree oil in Nature's gate Organics teatree &Blue Cypress

Friday, February 22, 2008

How Your Parting Hair tell About Your Personality

The way we parting our hair send some secret signals about us whether we do using left brain or right brain, and indeed this can show our personality.... about how serious, how creative or our logic. And we can also create the image of ourself with this parting thing. first let see what your part hair said about you:

Right Swept : Sensitive and have strong integrity

you 're more listen to your heart than your brain. An anthropology study shows that right swept have right brain activity signal more than the left one. You are very intuitive, creative, caressing, so you are more open and kind. The esult: you have all the love from people around you.

Left Swept : Reliable, energetic, and effective

People with the left swept is such a thinker, with left brain: logic, with detail orientation, with systemic thought and stay focus to reach their goal. survey said, this left swept have the potential to become a succesful one.

Midle Part : Strong naturally

you never been called as miss stress, you always find the balance no matter what happen. people with middle part usually can be a mediator, low profile and ovoid the trouble. its hard for you to feel disappointed or fail. the research prove that this anti-stress thing , can lower the blood pressure and you can calm down in a moment

No Parts : A pioneer and creative

you are such a bizarre, attractive , and artistic, who have a rythm with your own beat. you can make a revolution, and bring happiness tou people around you. your flexible thought and imaginative represent smart of you. whatever you do, you always can take the lead

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hilary Duff

Hilary Erhard Duff was born on September 28, 1987. She is one of American actress, pop singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. her first role in the television show is Lizzie McGuire, Duff went on to have a film career; her most commercially successful movies include Cheaper by the Dozen (2003), The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003), and A Cinderella Story (2004). She earned $15 million in 2005 and $12 million in 2006 and 2007.

Duff has expanded her repertoire into pop music, with three RIAA certified-platinum albums and over thirteen million albums sold worldwide. Her first studio album, Metamorphosis (2003) was certified triple platinum and she followed it up with two more platinum albums, Hilary Duff (2004) and Most Wanted (2005). Duff's latest studio album, Dignity, was released in April 2007 and was certified Gold in August 2007.

She has also launched a clothing line, Stuff by Hilary Duff, and an exclusive perfume with Elizabeth Arden. Duff and her mother were listed as producers for the movie Material Girls,As of December 2007, her upcoming films include the action thriller War, Inc., animated comedy Foodfight! and independent films Greta and Safety Glass.(

she looks good with the dark hair...

she is one of my favorite young star with the clean record, no drunk driving, no drugs, no porn video...she tuns to a professional, energetic, and talented star, with no dark side of her..

cute blond hair

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Be The Prom-a-Donna

Prom night will always be every girls dream are trying for the best look. Your dress, hair, make-up and accessories should blend together to create a beautiful picture for the best night to remember, you should be perfect like a princess.

We always like the updo for a special night like proms, or wedding party...well off course for the prom we can find more casual do.. than others.. and look what we found here..

Here's some celebrity red carpet look to steal and can go simple an cute with buns like Paris Hilton or Hilary Duff..or the glamorous look just like Scarlett Johansson. Plus.. we got some tips for your proms look.
Simple is beautiful. you can show your beauty with less make up.. When in doubt, go for the simpler style choice. Whether it is your hair, jewelry, dress, make-up, or shoes, go simple. That way your overall look will be the focus of attention.
  1. Get the casual hairstyles. The days of hairspray and loads of bobby pins are officially over. you can be flattering just with simple buns.. or chignons with a little accessory
  2. Its better if you ask the professionals and experienced one to get your updo's.. and make sure you make the appointment first. Don't be late for your prom hair appointment
  3. Wear a button down shirt to your prom hair appointment. This way you will not mess up your prom hair styles when you take your clothes off.
  4. Keep jewelry to a minimum. If you want to wear a single knockout piece of jewelry—earrings that dangle was the choice of most of the stars at the Oscars.

The simple way to get maximum beauty

glamorous and elegant hairs...

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Monday, February 11, 2008

We Just Love Rihanna's Hair

I always like Rihanna's hair, it's always look fine and cute.. she likes playing with her hair a lot...well.. here's a little biography about her.. and some of her best hairstyles

Born as Robyn Rihanna Fenty on February 20, 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados, to Ronald Fenty of Barbados (of Irish and African ancestry) and Monica Fenty, who is of Guyanese descent.She has two younger brothers, Rorrey and Rajad. Rihanna went to Charles F. Broome Memorial School, a primary school in Barbados, and then on to the Combermere School, where she formed a musical trio with two of her classmates. In 2004, she won the Miss Combermere Beauty Pageant and performed in the Colours of Combermere School Show, singing Mariah Carey's "Hero". At the age of 15, Rihanna received her big break when one of her friends introduced her to music producer Evan Rogers, who was vacationing in Barbados with his wife. Rogers, along with his partner, Carl Sturken, helped Rihanna record material in the U.S. which was sent to various recording companies. One copy of Rihanna's work was sent to Jay-Z, who eventually signed her to Def Jam Records. Rihanna cites Beyoncé Knowles, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and her Caribbean background as major musical influences.Rihanna also stated in an interview that her friend and former Island Def Jam record label artist Fefe Dobson was someone that she admired and looked up to, having a fellow artist writing, singing, and performing the music she truly loves.She currently lives in San Diego, California.(

She looks great with long hair dosn't she?

Rihanna just become an iconic popstar, and her style just alway fabulous,sexy, elegant, beautiful and sophisticated.. she has all natural beauty and charm...and off course she likes to change her hair....

the BOB trendsetter

If you like to have very short hair like rihanna's now, you better think about this before you get your hair done
  • do you prefer more masculine cuts?
  • do you like make people think of you as a tomboy?
  • do you comb your hair less?
  • do u keep ur hair up alot?
  • does hair bother you?
if most of your answers is yes, then you definitely need a short cut hair

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Do You Know???

Dou You Know that healthy hair will grow 1 inch every month, it means in a year it would grow 12 inches. and Hair will grow faster in summer ,than winter, because UV will increase the metabolism of your hair. Some people say if you wash your hair with hot water, or sauna can make your hair grow faster, but its not true, hot water can only make your hear frizz, and easy to break.

Do You Know that Alcohol can make a quick fix for your oily boring hair. Just spread Beer to your hair, and the protein in beer will volumize and glowing your hair. So don't get drunk with it ;)

Do You Know if Keratin is one of hair's protein. It's a fiber that don't have color, and a substance for your hair. Keratin not just in your hair, but also in your nail and your skin. it contain sulfur with amino acid and cystein.

Do You Know if Trichotillomania is one of mental disorder disease, which people like to bite, suck and chew their own hair. if you like to bite your hair you'd better stop that habit now, before it getting worse

Do You Know that Hair Los is a normal thing because tha hair is having their natural cycle, but you have to worry if you're losing more than 100 piece of hair daily.

Dou You Know The word Dandruff means dead skin cells and some dirt loose from your scalp pore. Mostly the cause of dandruff is stress, wrong diet, or there's a wound on your scalp. you can treat it with shampoo that contain selenium sulfide, sulfur, zinc pyridinethione, and ketoconazole. but if you get your hair colored, avoid the selenium sulfide or sulfur ingridient.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Get Glossy Healthy Hair Now

You can say your hair is healthy if its thick, strong, elastic, glossy, and soft. to have that kind of hai, we have some important tips that you should try
  • Avoid blow drying your hair with extra heat, and the distance is more than 10cm from your hair
  • Apply vitamin B and vitamins specially made for hair that have antioxidant to get strong and healthy hair
  • Pay extra attention for dry and damage hair because of chemical process, give them moisturized shampoo and hair mask
  • Massage your scalp while you wash your hair with your finger tips, to stimulate blood circulation on your scalp
  • Every kind of hair need moisturizer, even for the oily hair. Use hair treatment with moisturizer regularly.
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Health Check Your Hair

Check the health of your hair regularly by this three simple step
Step 1
look a single hair, with magnifyer, start from the roots till the end, if the thickness is the same it means your hair is healthy
Step 2

Feel your hair with your thumb and index fingertips, from its roots till the end of your hair, and do it again with the opposite direction, if your hair doesn't feel smooth, it means your hair needs special treatment

Step 3

Touch your hair with your nails, your thumbs nail, and index nail, three times, if your hair ended with curvy shape it means your hair is healthy

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4 Super Simple Hair Rules

1. Brush your hair before you go to bed
every night, brush your hair for two minutes, so the oil of your hair get well distributed. It will make your hair get an extra shine, and clean out your hair
2. Not over use products
using a deep conditioner every day not really good for your hair, try to use this kind of conditioner just once a week.. you can use leave in conditioner to your hair more often if you like to
3. Apply the right product
try to use product that can protect your hair if you often use flat iron, or other styling stuff that use heat.
4. Give your hair a relaxation
let your hair free for a while, at least once a week...dismis all kind of your hair product, just brush your hair and let it loose

Friday, February 1, 2008

All About Hair Color

Are you planning to change hair color? At this time, there’s a lot of hair coloing product, and u can do it by your self at home. However, picking the right home dye product is important. Not only you have to pick the perfect color for your face, but also you must see the chemical inside. A lot of hair color with unexpected smell which come from ammoniac, that can damage your scalp and your lovely hair too. Well you should pick these product wisely, try to choose a product with the lowest ammoniac ingredient , for your healthier scalp and hair.

wich one do you prefer for Julia Roberts?

Home Dye Job
So you’re trying a home dye job, here what you should do to maximize the result:
• Apply petroleum jelly such as Vaseline around the hair line and ears, to stop them from getting stained. If you do end with dye stains on your skin, try to remove them with tooth paste
• Divide hair into sections, then using a comb, color one by one, rather than rubbing the mixture in randomly
• Keep your hand upright and watch you’re doing, instead of assuming your doing a good job upside down
• Stick to time guides. Your hair wont look any shinier if you leave dye on it longer. You’re simply risk damaging it.

We all love Rachel's hair..don't we?

The Right Time
If you really like to changing your hair color all the time, don’t be surprise if your hair now not as beautiful as it used to be
• If you change your hair color into lighter tone, which of course its need to bleach, at least bleach your hair less than 8 weeks
• Change you’re your hair color to the darker color is much saver than to the lighter tone. You can use it in 4 weeks, or you can use semi permanent hair color which can be change in 3 weeks
• Love your hair, give them more nutrition. Use shampoo and conditioner that made special for colored hair, and its better if you apply hair mask at least once a week.

Dark Color for 2008
A lot of prediction that dark color will really hits on 2008, you can try these lovely color

Chocolate Craving
For those who have darker skin tone with warm reflection, this color suits you better. This kind of color is perfect for the oriental skin too

High Gloss Black
Do you want your hair look thicker without any hair extentions ? try this supper Shiny Blue Black. This intens color can make your hair ‘Fuller’. The bob cut with no layerreally good on this black

Coffe Addiction
This coffe color suits for you who have cool tone. You can try the ash brown tone, the ‘ash’ here give some grayish touch

Plum Perfection
This color give the glowing effect on your face. Your face will look brighter because the plum blush. This color suits for those who like to experiment with her hair

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