Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Get Glossy Healthy Hair Now

You can say your hair is healthy if its thick, strong, elastic, glossy, and soft. to have that kind of hai, we have some important tips that you should try
  • Avoid blow drying your hair with extra heat, and the distance is more than 10cm from your hair
  • Apply vitamin B and vitamins specially made for hair that have antioxidant to get strong and healthy hair
  • Pay extra attention for dry and damage hair because of chemical process, give them moisturized shampoo and hair mask
  • Massage your scalp while you wash your hair with your finger tips, to stimulate blood circulation on your scalp
  • Every kind of hair need moisturizer, even for the oily hair. Use hair treatment with moisturizer regularly.
images from www.thehairstyler.com, www.popsugar.com



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