Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Do You Know???

Dou You Know that healthy hair will grow 1 inch every month, it means in a year it would grow 12 inches. and Hair will grow faster in summer ,than winter, because UV will increase the metabolism of your hair. Some people say if you wash your hair with hot water, or sauna can make your hair grow faster, but its not true, hot water can only make your hear frizz, and easy to break.

Do You Know that Alcohol can make a quick fix for your oily boring hair. Just spread Beer to your hair, and the protein in beer will volumize and glowing your hair. So don't get drunk with it ;)

Do You Know if Keratin is one of hair's protein. It's a fiber that don't have color, and a substance for your hair. Keratin not just in your hair, but also in your nail and your skin. it contain sulfur with amino acid and cystein.

Do You Know if Trichotillomania is one of mental disorder disease, which people like to bite, suck and chew their own hair. if you like to bite your hair you'd better stop that habit now, before it getting worse

Do You Know that Hair Los is a normal thing because tha hair is having their natural cycle, but you have to worry if you're losing more than 100 piece of hair daily.

Dou You Know The word Dandruff means dead skin cells and some dirt loose from your scalp pore. Mostly the cause of dandruff is stress, wrong diet, or there's a wound on your scalp. you can treat it with shampoo that contain selenium sulfide, sulfur, zinc pyridinethione, and ketoconazole. but if you get your hair colored, avoid the selenium sulfide or sulfur ingridient.



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