Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Long Curly Hair

Every body agree that curly hair is really hard to manage, especially when you have long curly hair. The curls can be out of control even if you have use the best hair care product you can buy...well actually you can make friend with those frizzy hair if you know how to handle it. Go grow out those natural curl, and learn how to make your naturally curly hair beautiful with these hair tips for curly hair...
One of the biggest mistakes that those with naturally curly hair make is not using the right curly hair products. You need to choose conditioners and shampoos that are specially formulated for curly hair. Regular conditioners will weigh down the hair, creating flat, lifeless curls. Regular shampoos often do not contain enough moisture to bring curls to life. There are a variety of curly hair products on the market today, and those with curly hair must use
shampoo and conditioner designed for the curly type
  • When combing curly hair, better if you comb it when its wet. This will eliminate frizz and breakage of the hair. Also, avoid using combs or brushes that are narrow toothed. Instead, use a pick or a comb with wide teeth to brush through your curly hair.or you can use your fingers to break up curls
  • Curly hair is very near to the frizzies (especially in humidity), you'll want a few defrizzer products on hand. Anti-frizz serums smooth the frizz, adding shine & conditioning. Most serums contain silicone, which repels moisture and sits on top of hair shafts while protecting hair from heat.use it smooth a dime-sized amount through hair(any more & your hair can look greasy), scrunching into the curls. Then air-dry or blow dry with a diffuser and don't use hot blow dry.
  • You can try this simple styling...To curl hair with a natural wave, take random 1- to 2-inch sections of damp hair & roll them up into little balls. Secure into place. Let hair dry completely, let the curls loose. Do not brush, simply turn your head over & shake curls loose use your finger through your curls and dont use brush...
well.. we're gonna give you inspiration to make you love your natural curl...

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Image Source from TheHairstyler.com, www.hairstyleswatch.com, iVillage.com


Dazeree Joan said...

I've hated my natural curls since forever. Only recently i've embraced the its true nature. I'm much at ease with my hair now. And what helps is finding the right styling cream. Great tips!

girlhairstyle.com said...

yup... the key is how to moisture your frizzy hair into a great curl hair :)

Anonymous said...

Here is a good bit of info from a radio broadcast about curly hair. The owners of Mixed Chicks curly hair products do it.


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